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Server monitoring focuses on tracking the health and performance of servers, examining metrics like CPU usage, memory consumption, and storage capacity. Network monitoring involves the continuous surveillance of network devices, traffic patterns, and connectivity to ensure the seamless flow of data.

SNS located mission-critical IT infrastructure in its robust data center with 24/7 security and top-notch reliability, speed and capacity to meet the company’s needs.

Priority Management Group

Together, these monitoring practices provide a comprehensive view of the entire IT infrastructure allowing technicians to identify bottlenecks, troubleshoot issues, and optimize resources. This real-time visibility into network and server operations enables SNS to make informed decisions, implement timely interventions, and maintain a robust and responsive infrastructure for your organization.

Work with our techs to develop a monitoring plan that is tailored to your organization’s needs

Monitoring tools will inform techs of Network, Server and workstations out of update compliance.

Analytical data can be collected from infrastructure devices to drive upgrade solutions.

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