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cloud hosting

Do you have a distributed workforce or no longer feel your organization needs physical servers? Secured Network Services will work with you to unify user authentication, file services, email and phone services under one platform. Break free of multi-vendor solutions and allow SNS to manage it all for you. Cloud services offers great flexibility of a pay-as-you-go model, this means your organization will have the flexibility to add or remove services based on use case. Security should also be a consideration, centralized management and regular updates implemented by cloud service providers contribute to a more resilient and secure computing environment. SNS Customer Success team will find the best fit for your organization and if you are not ready for a full cloud solution, hybrid options are available.

SNS is a true partner . They seamlessly integrate into our team, providing professional and knowledgeable resources.  While we have built a robust and reliable infrastructure, they are always there for us, ready to support any emergent need, 24 x 7.


Hybrid cloud IT infrastructure lies in its ability to seamlessly integrate both on-premises and cloud-based resources, offering organizations a dynamic and adaptable computing environment. SNS technical engineers will deploy workloads based on factors such as performance requirements, regulatory compliance, and data sensitivity. This ensures that your IT infrastructure is flexible, scalable and available.

SNS technical experts will work to plan out a migration solution that works for your organization.

Cloud hosted file services ensure you can work no matter where you are.

On premise equipment can take advantage of secure remote backup solutions.

Ready to see what Secured Network Services can do for your organization?

Our customer success team is ready to work with you to optimize your IT environment.