Municipality Government

Secured Network Services in your town

Municipalities and government offices often present a unique challenge of assessing both new and old technology. Managing the challenge of bringing these systems together – on time and on budget —  is something we take pride in.

“We went from long wait-times for resolution on issues to immediate problem-solving via remote support; our downtime has been dramatically reduced,” said Pamela Laflamme, Community Development Director for the City of Berlin. “There are huge public safety concerns when our network goes down so we appreciate the new infrastructure in place and the strong support behind our every IT move. In fact, SNS made it possible for us to have reliable, consistent connectivity to vital state and federal databases.”

In fact, we often step in to undertake a comprehensive analysis of your municipality or government’s current situation and create an all-encompassing solution, complying with all state and federal regulations.  We meet with your leadership and users to identify your goals and challenges, learn how your systems talk to each other,  and leverage our knowledge and expertise to quickly identify top-tier IT solutions to ensure seamless communication across all offices and locations.

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