SNS Supports Priority Management Group Expanding Business Infrastructure

Christmas came early for our friends at Pawtucket-based Priority Management Group (PMG) who worked with our SNS team to expand its network infrastructure to include its 100+employees throughout the country. PMG is the nation’s only full-service revenue cycle management solution dedicated exclusively to Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs).

Faced with a growing team of highly talented individuals working remotely throughout the US, PMG needed a solution to seamlessly integrate communications like everyone was sitting in the same office. SNS researched and presented options to the PMG management team, and, ultimately, sourced and implemented the Cadillac of virtual desktop software using Citrix Systems … all with an expedited rollout that did not compromise the company’s performance.

From there, SNS located PMG’s mission-critical IT infrastructure in its robust data center with 24/7 security and top-notch reliability, speed and capacity to meet the company’s needs. Today, PMG continues to hire top talent, regardless of their physical location; the company is known for its significant investment in its people.

As some businesses struggle to integrate new users amid the extra challenges of the pandemic, PMG continues to effortlessly add employees via its cloud-based integration and maintain its business momentum.

At SNS, we appreciate the collaborative nature of working with clients like PMG to find the best solution and the best fit for its technology needs. To learn more about how SNS can help find your mission-critical solution, contact Brad Mirza.

Learn more about PMG here.

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